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Nine Menswear began in late 2011 by designer & owner Andre Darnell Myers to give men a range of fashionable and trendy options, and evoke a feeling of greatness. We believe “when you look great, you feel great", and we build all of our pieces with that in mind.


This year Nine Menswear has taken its attention to detail to the next level. We’ve decided to expand our brand and design- with these new focus points, Nine Menswear will make specific pieces for our men to live, work and play in, while always looking fashionable.


Need Underwear? We have it- Nine Below! Nine Menswear continues to make classic and sexy underwear that supports and enhances the male body, making him look and feel great when he’s dressed and undressed.


All of Nine Menswear is manufactured in the U.S.A.

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